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Laser Therapy and the Future of Laser Eye Surgery

We are experts coming together to discuss the future of lasers in medical therapies.

For years, lasers have presented themselves as one of the richest veins of medical research. Interest and increased funding into lasers has been rewarded with constant new treatments. You can now be treated with lasers at hospitals all over the world, and for conditions that take place all over the body. Existing treatments are also becoming increasingly safer and effective.

One of the fields that benefitted most from these new developments is optometry. By now, we're all familiar with the impressive possibilities of laser eye surgery. Millions of eyes have been improved and even saved by the new capabilities of lasers, and they're only getting better.

The Future of Lasers

Lasers are now used in almost every field of medicine, and in each one, they enjoy many of the same benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are clear in all the conditions that they are currently involved in, but there is always room for improvement, and that refinement is what makes things interesting for experts discussing these new technologies.

When it comes to improving lasers, we focus on the quality of results, the permanent nature of the application and the comfort of the treatment. Great strides have been made in all three of these areas, and we're excited to announce the positive implications for optometry.

The Implications for Optometry

LASIK and other forms of laser eye surgery are well known for saving patients from eye conditions that previously could not be treated at all. While the only option in some cases, patients would complain about the early treatments because they took too long or didn't offer the expected results.

Today's laser eye treatments are better than ever before. They are more comfortable and treat a variety of disorders in a far more effective way.